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Leadfoot editing how to - Advanced

Ok now on to the serious stuff.

How do I create a bump (small jump)

This is done by modifying the y offset value of the vertex. It sound simple but it's not, since we are working with triangle this makes the task a little bit harder depending on where it is and also the direction it as to be and the polygons you allready have in the portion (the object) of the track you are editing. Also take note that you cannot add new vertex nor new polygons nor new object, you have to work with what you allready have.

First as it as been said in the Basic guide, print the part of the track you are working on.

Find a good place for your jump. A good place would be a place where you see that there's allready rows of dots that are aligned. Otherwise you could also move them. But I think that you must stay within the edge of the track already made. Further clarification can be made about this and I won't test it, if you are successful in doing it tell me so.

Now that you have chosen the portion of the track where you want that jump,  you must decide what kind of jump you want; a bump, a smooth jump or a steep jump.

A bump is the easiest since it doeasn't need many rows of dots, one row would be sufficient.

For a smooth jump you would need at least 3 rows of dots and a ratio of 1 : 2 maximum (height : lenght)

For a steep jump you would need at least 3 rows of dots


As an exercise we will do a bump on Bracken Bowl in the straigh just entering the last curve before the jump that leads to the finish line.

The file to use is in the data\tracks\texas_stadium_horse_shoe and is called texas_stadium_horse_shoe.de2. Copy and RENAME THAT DIRECTORY AND RENAME THAT FILE RIGHT NOW to whatever you wanna call it but keep the same name for the directory and de2 file. Rename also the .lt file and the .alp file.

Open the new file.

Now find the object that contains what we want to edit.

The object is 87. There's a great place for a bump. Have you found it? There's a line of dots crossing the whole track and it is already perpendicular to the track. All we need to edit is the y offset values of the dots of that line. Now find the polygons that have the vertex (dots) we want to edit.

Polygon 524 has 2, and the values for y offset are set at around 88, now add 2 to each of the vertex composing that line. So here you wouldn't edit vertex 2 because it's not part of the line (bump) we want to edit.

Now for the other 1 we would need to edit polygon 631, vertex 2 and 3

Save the file now and let's see what we have done.

To test your new track:

  1. Install the track kit in your newly created folder. download it here =>
  2. Edit the track.str file change the de2 file name
  3. Change the names for your track under the 2 sections called "[display names]" and  "[short display names]"
  4. Copy the new folder to the data\tracks folder of Leadfoot

Now run the game and browse through the tracks to find your new track and race it!